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Maps and Code

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

This past week has been keeping me both really tired and busy. I haven’t been able to do much in Neox and I notice now that I’ll have to plan where to attack next in advance. It was easier when you had all the time in the world and you could just do whatever felt right at the moment, but now there’s a lot of working systems and small touches to big details that need attention and I feel the need to approach them according to priority. Priority to what? Yeah, I need to sort that out as well. A playable demo? Storyline? The actual game or more tests?

Ironing out these things will be a first priority right now but I’ll definitely code more meanwhile. I spent a lot of time yesterday on a neox-related thing that’s outside the game, I’m being evasive here because I haven’t decided if I will deploy it. I’ve also been working on some javascript and html because I might build a website around Neox instead of keeping it ONLY as a development blog. This is future stuff and is why I need to prioritize better.

I have put some time into making a second playable map with Chompers in it. This is basically to test that everything is working as planned when changing maps and to test my old indoor tileset with parallax, and it looks good even if it’s simplistic.

Inside Map

Inside Map

I’ve been checking the performance profile for Neox on Windows and it’s nowhere near any dangerous FPS hogs, not all that surprising since I don’t really do anything horribly CPU consuming. I tried throwing a few thousand Coin Particles in at the same time and the performance profiler seemed to give weird results, but the ones I could read seemed promising and ingame there was not so much as a hint that the FPS would drop. I don’t think my game will ever become a drain on the system in any way right now, so this is good news I guess. I think I’ve been rather good at writing efficient and easy-to-develop-with code that should work well on the Xbox 360 - but this remains to be seen.

I will get my priorities straightened and I hope to get back on some REAL Neox-updating-tracks!

Shine Particles

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Shine Particles

Shine Particles

This test was mostly curiosity over how easy it would be to add another particle effect to the engine and make it behave like I want to, as well as testing a bit of “stress” and see if anything starts getting affected. This particle test you see in the image created approx 1000 particles per second.

Directional Obstruction

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Directional Obstruction

Directional Obstruction

I have been busy implementing directional obstruction because not only does it have many uses like allowing upward “climbing” by jumping through platforms upwards without hitting your head into obstruction, and also making “fall-traps” you can’t get up through, but it also is absolutely necessary to make my level design a lot better. I have 15 tiles in height for every screen (480 / 32) and most characters are about 45 pixels tall, which means they already take up about a tenth of the screen height and since a jump is basically around 96 pixels high - a jump takes up about 141 pixels which is more than a fourth of the screen. This means that I can have something like three “levels” of height for platforms that I could fit on the screen, if they are this close to eachother the screen gets cramped with lots of obstruction and I want to be able to have the player feel less restricted and the game feel more roomy. This is where you need Directional Obstruction which in essence takes up very little space and only in one direction. The arrow up directional obstruction doesn’t bother checking your position unless you’re trying to move in its opposite direction (down) through it, if so - it starts checking if your feet are on their way to push through the top of the obstruction.

The particle system is now working quite well I’d say, and my work has gone back to the Battles which need a revamp - and it’s on its way. The looks and gameplay is the same, I just needed to recode everything because animations in that system I had would feel like an awful hack - I want one that’s more centered around the animations where if any hack would be unrelated to that part of the battle gamescreen.

Since I basically have two types of games to balance I need to make sure NPC (monsters, and other entities not played by you) can work in both the platform-game and the battle-screen. This means that an attack in platform world would likely be a charge at you to put you into the battle-screen and hopefully (for the monster) get a surprise on you - this is why the Chomper is your first enemy in the game. They do have a little “run charge” but they fall asleep which opens up for a surprise attack from your side. This game mechanic is usually only used as a determination of who gets the first round, but this will have a much larger importance in this game. If you get surprised you will have a harder time using Flee, if any chance at all - and the reverse if you surprise the monsters instead. The effects of surprisal lasts a portion or the whole battle in ways I will not get into in this post.

I’d say for any gamer, that this game is a turn-based RPG game, because any “action-maniac” would probably get upset with getting caught by monsters and have to do turn-based battles even if you can try avoiding them. However this turn-based RPG will have the “benefit” of allowing you to develop skill in avoiding/surprising your enemies to your own advantage.

Do feel free to register to my blog if you want to comment on anything, it’d be nice to hear any feedback - my work however continues with or without it!

Particles In Action

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Small update, I guess this is cheap for gruedorf, but don’t worry this is not my weekly post since I always aim to do two or three posts per week at least. However, I felt like showing off a screenshot of a Chomper charging Neox, now they kick up dust as they charge for you.

Dust Particles

Dust Particles

More to come, but for now this little screenshot will have to do..! Celebrated xmas with my family today since we celebrate it on the 24th of December, I guess every country has their version of the religious background and significance of the correct date of whatever that guy who liked crosses did related to this holiday.

Edit: I added this new image because I made a more suiting dirt sprite for this specific particle effect.

Dirt Particles

Dirt Particles

Enter Chomper

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

#1 "Cheap Shot"

#1 Cheap Shot

I’ve actually done some progress today on Neox except for putting my time into making a strip. It’s not a guaranteed-to-come-back thing, I just like expanding the neoxverse through different aspects.
Work has continued on in different areas of Neox, but once in a while I try to lead my brain to work on the Battle-system. The reason why it hasn’t gone quick is simply because the lack of actual design - this is a weird seat for me. Usually I design a game, I’ll have 200 pages of well-documented parts of the game, and I put about 0.05% of that design into actual reality. Now I sort of dread the aspect of having to design my game, because things are moving on rather smoothly with no aimed sight.

Test Battle

Test Battle

I will start writing down some design soon though, don’t expect it to find its way up here though, I don’t want to spoil the game by “showing all my cool ideas” or even the bad ideas I’ll make. However, I will definitely in a broad sense write what Neox the Space Wizard will encompass.
Since he’s my new hero, I will tell you guys to check Kael out, his refreshing updates sure inspire us other gamemakers. Gruedorf is awesome, it’s a shame that we are so very few. Nice to see that Syn woke up and posted!

Design Call

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

I’ve thought about how much I’ve been wanting to do an RPG while doing Neox and how much inexperience I have with making platform “battles” exciting and I’ve concluded that I will merge the two! So, in essence we’ll have a platform game with a more RPG-styled battle. In order to skip battles, you must evade the monsters in the platformesque gameworld, and if they catch you - you’re thrown into a classic RPG-battle with resistance depending on the kind of monster that caught you.

The good thing is that by training your timing and skills in the “platform”-world you’ll be able to skip battles that you don’t want to engage in instead of the oh-so-debated randomly-ocurring battles. Sort of why games like Lufia made me happy, where you can shoot an arrow at an enemy to paralyze it, thus skipping the battle or gain a surprise if you do decide to battle the monster out.

This element of choosing your battles will be more prominent in Neox, where you just might gain some form of helpful tool to skip battles, but ofcourse, levelling will be important in order to finish the game. The implementation of battles is easy, the only code in order to start this new battle segment was:

public class Battle : BaseGamescreen

That’s it..! Ofcourse I need to fill it with some of its own rendering instructions and update code. But adding screens is a good way of assuring that we don’t mess with other gamescreens - like the platform game. When you die, a Game Over screen is put into queue, so that we once again don’t have to throw in a lot of “if (dead) renderthis()” code in the Play Screen.

Here’s an early screenshot of the battle screen:

Early Battle Screen

Early Battle Screen


Sunday, November 30th, 2008

I’ve worked a bit more on my mapmaker to include a minimap to more easily work on larger maps since I have now started making the real maps that will be used for the game. I have been playing a bit of Oblivion as of late, so the work has gone a bit slower as of late. My largest trouble right now is actually in deciding the gamedesign. Where the main character starts, what the first minutes of gameplay should be and in what order and how fast to introduce game elements.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few screenshots of the added minimap function.

Minimap for a Testmap #1

Minimap for a Testmap #1

Minimap for a Testmap #2

Minimap for a Testmap #2


Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I think I’m getting the hang of it now, I am quite content with this style. I noticed that taking things out of my head as I go seem to work better than trying to make realistic fantasy stuff. Well, I guess rocks are realistic/natural, but anyway - the world of the game I right now call “Neox” - is coming together!

Mysterious Door

A New Path

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

I have renamed the whole blogg to Project : Game Making, because I seem to have met up with a few roadblocks. Mostly it’s been graphically related issues, like having to make my own art. Which is a terribly boring limitation, but I think I’ve solved the issue now. Because my newest idea which I think is the one to aim for, I have produced art I’m quite happy about.

Click for full images..!