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Monday, May 18th, 2009

I worked some on Neox yesterday, I think I will work on it more today as well. There’s a lot of stuff I feel like ripping out and¬†gameplay issues I have yet to solve. It’s basically a lot of non-coding stuff that needs to be solved and I know that’s what has discouraged me from working on Neox, I simply don’t know what I want. That and graphics are a pain.

Just thought I’d say something, go back to work!


Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Ok, so that didn’t last long. I guess I just don’t have the focus right now. I have too few hours during the day that I can concentrate on my own programming, and currently I’m diving into MVC a lot because it might just aid me a lot in the coming days at work and so forth.

We’ll see what happens to Neox, the response about the game has been very low, somehow I guess that makes it less of a problem being slow on updates.

I’ll write more as I get a firmer grip on what I’m going to do about Neox - I’m starting to feel like I should have a blog that’s all about my programming - because wether it’s Neox or not, I always do some form of coding as a hobby. I’ll think about it atleast!