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Gosh darnit..

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

This post will contain mostly unsatisfying rambling from my part, because the truth to this story is - there has been no progress on Neox this past week. I have not lost the will, just not had the time (read: but the flesh is weak).

I have lots of reasons to why progress has halted for a while, but I’ll spare you my feeble excuses, by now you’d want my blood, punishment and torture! You’d be calling the hounds engulfed in hell’s fire to slash my bowels op—

Right! So anyway..

A Short About Neox

The space wizard Neox is a brilliant wizard. His smile is known throughout the universe to have caused a series of stars to implode. He is a master of the universe, he controls flame and ice, earth and sky! As long as he has his precious book “The Art of Magic” which is a holy relic he acquired during one of his most marvellous adventures. He wouldn’t be much without it, actually, he’d be quite mediocre. Having an intellect larger than the combined brain-power of 2′492 Zwilian moles has been a constant burden to his social side - which could do well with a miraculous improvement. Being omnipotent has its downsides, and thus rewarded him with no friends but an entourage of fans and other kinds of crazy.

The story will start off with Neox alone, because that’s how he leads his life. It’s both by choice and consequence, because he is fairly smart and trusting the people of the universe is something he has learned not to do.

The idea of the game is to be rather cliche and put some details and changes into it that suits my vision of a better game. Trying to rectify all those “they could have done this in another way” in other games - and ultimately I know there’s going to be those kinds of thoughts about Neox both from myself and others because you can’t please everyone and I will have to skip some wild and fun ideas or downsize them.

This post will remain short and just a bit informative, but I really hope to get more done on Neox soon, I might even start now after this post - but the next week at work is going to be the start of a large project.

On Edge

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

I won’t go into really deep detail here about the workings of what’s called Edge in Neox. I’m pretty sure I covered the basics in an earlier post but I’ll recap a short version of it. Edge is a way of keeping track of who has the upperhand in the battle and by how much. If the sword is far to the left - the player has the advantage, if it on the other hand is far to the right - the enemy has the advantage. The exact formula and what will be positive and negative Edge is by no means determined in the video I will post here, it’s just to show you how it looks in the battle system at the moment. It has no real implementation more than moving depending on what action you and the enemy take.

For a brief video of how Edge looks in its first stage of design, click the link below.

Video: Edge Demonstration

The platform implementation, how it affects the game from the platform perspective, is that when you get the jump on the enemy catching them off guard you’ll probably start the battle with the Edge at your advantage, being surprised by an enemy however will probably result in a disadvantagous Edge at start. Special mechanics in the game will manipulate Edge in favorable and non-favorable ways.

On other notes regarding Neox, I’ve been working a lot on rewriting some systems in the engine, the generic game menus are becoming more versatile and I struggle with the general design right now. Nothing is final this early in development, so it’s not going to take a lot of my time.

Charm & Vm

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009



I’ve decided that the Neox Strip is not an attempt to be funny, but instead it’s an attempt at being funny (even if agonizingly poorly so) and informative of any news to Neox with the spirit of the game’s own thoughts about it. This is just to invite you to the world of Neox even more so, because I want to make this a living world in more than one sense, I want things to matter more in this game - if you’re going to play a game that’s pixelated by me you might as well get something cool along with it. A side-order of interesting environment perhaps?


What’s with the title then and the strip? Well this is an old idea in my head for Neox that I just haven’t written about. I have plenty more to go around, but starting off with this, yes - you will be able to charm most of the enemies in Neox. The code is basically already in there so it’s more of a fact than a “I’m going to code it.”.

You cannot control the charmed pet, it’s more of a mystical bond you’ll have to explore for yourself, the charmed pet will be of more use than harm to you - at least a Chomper will be. They all have their different effects from the charm, one being that they continously doubt what they’re doing and are therefor not as powerful fighting for you as they would be if they fought against you. As the strip is supposed to explain, if a Chomper sees your defenses lapse for a moment he might just bite you instead. If the loyalty of your pet seems to harm you, you can simply kill it off - since you can attack any friendly or non-friendly targets at all times. Chompers are the easiest though, encountering big problems with them would surprise me.

Different enemies that you charm will behave differently, and with their great powers might come high disloyalty or a poor use in selecting what action to take. The different effects on charming an enemy will be one of the things to explore. If you decide to keep a charmed creature he will gain levels with you as you fight, as long as it survives the battle.


This is the currency of Neox. Since long I’ve found using Gold a rather boring reocurring idea of roleplaying games, well eventhough it’s plausible that gold could be a valuable resource in the galaxy - it will not be the common currency of a million planets. Instead I present you this story, it might just be rewritten a bit because it’s just my first doodle, but I am certain that I will keep the spirit of it:

“Any inhabitant of space knows that finding a uniform currency among millions of inhabited worlds, that is not only suitably rare but also inedible, is just way more work than anyone wants. In the year of Gri’ko Masz²ti, roughly translated to the Year of the Eight Drunken Tentacles, a space-faring traveller began a list he called ”Mangen Ting” that would change the universe as they knew it. The list was a complete collection of things that he had encountered on his journeys to different planets. His curious nature demanded him that he ask others what they had encountered during their travels, which he then added to his list – the section known as ”Mangen Andra Ting” which is the much larger subsection in his work.

This list grew larger and larger and was later published and automatically sneaked its way into merchant stores as a reference on how to correctly appreciate the value of foreign items. This was soon enough caught on as a general rule and a large list was derived from ”Mangen Ting” and redistributed as often as possible through the Universal Information Highway with a brand new name Valued Material List. Any item not on the VML usually gets rejected until enough data has been collected to admit it onto the list. The items that do make it to the VML are called Valued Materials (Vm) and each have a respective value that tells just how much it is worth.”

This concludes this post, I will consider posting something more about Edge in battle in the future, I think I might have uttered something about it in previous posts. Edge is something that makes battles in Neox a bit different from that of a typical RPG, because it will matter. Without it in battle you might just face difficulty unaccounted for.

I’ve noticed I’ve got some new users registering, either you’re all bots or very quiet. Comments are encouraged, it would be nice to have more feedback on your expectations or other.

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