Concept & Design

On this page I’ll just sum up some of the Design I’ve already brought up to attention in my posts, since this page is static I’ll be able to keep it updated rather than going back to my previous posts and change things. I will make an index and a table of contents when this section becomes larger.


This will for now serve as a reminder that I shall add the concept of Edge to the Concept & Design page here.


I’ve mentioned that spells won’t be incremental versions of old ones like Fire, Fira, Firaga or Fire Bolt 1, Fire Bolt 2, Fire Bolt 3. Personally because I really don’t like that system, it ruins the fun of having new spells, the change of a spell doing 55 instead of 40 damage is just not all that exciting to me, but getting a new Thunder spell that has a slight chance to Paralyze all targets it hits is atleast more fun if you have no such spell already. Real names for spells will be things like “Flicker” for a low level fire-damage spell, “Char” for a fire damage over time (undecided, but works as an example) or “Protection” for a simple protection spell that can increase in power - if you know how to gain the favor of the element it is cast within (this part will not be revealed here yet). I hope these ideas only add to the better of this game.

Valued Material

Any inhabitant of space knows that finding a uniform currency among millions of inhabited worlds, that is not only suitably rare but also inedible, is just way more work than anyone wants. In the year of Gri’ko Masz²ti, roughly translated to the Year of the Eight Drunken Tentacles, a space-faring traveller began a list he called ”Mangen Ting” that would change the universe as they knew it. The list was a complete collection of things that he had encountered on his journeys to different planets. His curious nature demanded him that he ask others what they had encountered during their travels, which he then added to his list – the section known as ”Mangen Andra Ting” which is the much larger subsection in his work.

This list grew larger and larger and was later published and automatically sneaked its way into merchant stores as a reference on how to correctly appreciate the value of foreign items. This was soon enough caught on as a general rule and a large list was derived from ”Mangen Ting” and redistributed as often as possible through the Universal Information Highway with a brand new name Valued Material List. Any item not on the VML usually gets rejected until enough data has been collected to admit it onto the list. The items that do make it to the VML are called Valued Materials (Vm) and each have a respective value that tells just how much it is worth.

The concept of Valued Matieral is that when you loot or steal from an enemy you’re probably not lucky enough to always catch hold of some universal currency. Chompers don’t have pockets - contrary to popular belief. Instead you might just get to loot a large tooth of a Chomper or something similar. This has a value reflected in Vm which means you’re actually trading in fangs, skin and what not - but the merchant has his own list of what everything is worth - you might notice that the value of your Vm is more dynamic than you’d think. The economic system will not be covered fully in this section.

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