I figured..

You see, I figured I’d let myself start to get % LOSS and LAME on gruedorf because Neox has taken a siesta. The project doesn’t feel dead to me, it’s just that I don’t have the current energy built up for it. I come home nowadays and fall asleep at once basically, however I’ve had the heart to do something else meanwhile that doesn’t require as much artistic ideas.

An application called Campaign Keeper, it’s supposed to keep track of a whole campaign in pen/paper role-playing. Unfortunately for most of my visits this means “no fun” because it’s being made for a Swedish roleplayinggame and in Swedish.

I reckon this actually counts as a gruedorf post, since Grue himself bloggs about some forum work! So, HAH! - check it out if you want, it’s in Swedish though.

To those who come here to see what the site actually is about, Neox, I’m sorry. I will keep posting but right now I am clueless about when I’ll be able to get back on track with Neox.

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