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Short and Quick Update

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

This short and quick update is just to say once again that life is full of things to do that don’t revolve around my computer. Just posting to say I’m alive and that I do remember that this neox-blog exists! Some day, the adventure should continue, as soon as I’ve reached some sort of balance in my life.

Note: This is no April’s fool joke.

Note 2: The previous note is not an April’s fool joke.

Note 3: Neither was Note 2.

Note 4: … you get the point.


Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Ok, so that didn’t last long. I guess I just don’t have the focus right now. I have too few hours during the day that I can concentrate on my own programming, and currently I’m diving into MVC a lot because it might just aid me a lot in the coming days at work and so forth.

We’ll see what happens to Neox, the response about the game has been very low, somehow I guess that makes it less of a problem being slow on updates.

I’ll write more as I get a firmer grip on what I’m going to do about Neox - I’m starting to feel like I should have a blog that’s all about my programming - because wether it’s Neox or not, I always do some form of coding as a hobby. I’ll think about it atleast!

Updates Should Be Fun

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

However, this one will probably not be as fun as I would have hoped. I have become slower in updating my blog - wait, before you go off thinking that I mean it’s dying you are very much mistaken - I thought I’d be able to update every second or third day, but I’ve had to keep myself to updating every fifth or sixth day it would seem.

This is not terrible since gruedorf allows seven days atleast, but I’ve always wanted to keep this blog as alive as possible and I will do my best to work on making fun and frequent updates to Neox.

The reason I’m going slow? Well, it’s definitely a part of getting into the design aspect of the game. I’ve created a lot of the systems now, they need tweaking and recoding and that consumes quite some time which sadly doesn’t create much interesting stuff for the blog, and secondly it’s because the last few days I’ve had the last exam for my school which I hadn’t studied for - had my best friend over who I hadn’t met in six months or so (he has moved in order to complete his own studies, it’s awesome to see more people finding their call) and I just started working at a company today and had to prepare mentally and get done with all other things like nagging the school for grades etc.

Anyway, so what HAVE I actually done? I’ll just copy/paste some notes I’ve jotted down in my project.

* Changed the whole ParticleSystem from using a Generic class to a Factory design pattern.
abstract ParticleSystem, abstract Particle
class DirtParticleSystem : ParticleSystem
class DirtParticle : Particle

* Added arrows to BoxSprite which is used by GameMenus to tell if there are more items Up or Down in the list outside visual range.

* Added GotHit, StandardGotHit, StandardDeath animations to BattleAnimations
This really did a lot for battle smoothness, I intended on making a movie for you guys, but it really looks much the same in general except some animations, so I’ll wait until I have just a bit more to show you.

* Added Splice-extension to int
It’s just a simple function to get rid of ugly stuff like; int number = (millisecondspassed % 1000) / 50; in this case it’s rather readable, but when you want 42 milliseconds for each frame/number and you have 13 frames/numbers you want, you’ll have millisecondspassed % (13*42) / 42. instead you do; int number = millsecondspassed.Splice(42, 13); you might think this looks like a really minor and maybe unescessary tweak - but mostly it will make less-explainable code, more explainable because splice takes two parameters, milliseconds per frame and frames. This helps in animating some simple stuff based on time and extensions like these just make code more readable to me atleast.

* Added Vector2Tweener class
Tweens positions, I just wanted a simple class, which could probably work as a struct. I think I have a reason why it’s a class actually, too tired to think of why at the moment. Anyway, you basically give it three parameters, Vector2 start, Vector2 destination, int ms. When you ask for the value of the Vector2Tweener it will return whatever is the current Vector2 between start and duration based on how many milliseconds have passed out of the total you put in as a parameter.

I hope to update really soon with some more interesting stuff, in about a day or two, which hopefully is more graphic and entertaining! Keep checking the blog!

Particles In Action

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Small update, I guess this is cheap for gruedorf, but don’t worry this is not my weekly post since I always aim to do two or three posts per week at least. However, I felt like showing off a screenshot of a Chomper charging Neox, now they kick up dust as they charge for you.

Dust Particles

Dust Particles

More to come, but for now this little screenshot will have to do..! Celebrated xmas with my family today since we celebrate it on the 24th of December, I guess every country has their version of the religious background and significance of the correct date of whatever that guy who liked crosses did related to this holiday.

Edit: I added this new image because I made a more suiting dirt sprite for this specific particle effect.

Dirt Particles

Dirt Particles


Friday, December 19th, 2008

This is actually more of a Sweden-related post than anything, but today I’ve become a proud sponsor of the civilrightsmovement Piratpartiet (The Pirate Party), thus I get to use this nice shiny banner!

If you’re not Swedish I could atleast advice you to check if your own nation has a pirateparty and check what kind of a difference they intend on making in your country. Culture needs to be preserved in a way that allows for personal integrity to remain unsoiled by surveilance-laws. This is not a political blog, but it could be said that I burn strongly for this cause.

If you have any interest in reading about it in English:

School & interruptions

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

I keep finding things to do that doesn’t advance neither Grand Magic nor Little Warriors. I’m going to have to rename a lot of things if I go on with Little Warriors instead. Right now most of my code that I’ve done has been school stuff. Design patterns and other things that actually take time mostly because I don’t do things half-way, I always have to make them fancy in different ways beyond the requirement of the assignment.

I have the same approach when making my attempts at making games, which is why the development is slow, but it’s highly dynamic instead. Days go by so quickly, but I hope to have something of substance. I am currently still planning a second tutorial on Youtube as well.

Another Xbox 360 Elite Owner

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

This might not be a progress report on Grand Magic, or something internet related to it - however it might just help me testing my application on my newly bought Xbox 360 Elite. I’m very happy with selling my Nintendo Wii since it was basically collecting dust. Last time I played on it was June 2008, playing Guitar Hero 3 for 11 minutes.

I have met up with some early issues regarding Grand Magic, textures! Since 320×240 doesn’t seem doable, my monitor doesn’t even seem to support it, I have to go with 640×480 which basically means tiles need to be 32×32 pixels. This makes sprite-making a lot harder for me┬ábeing devoid of any sort of talent in the area.

I have therefor thought up two possible plans, try my luck with 3D or just do it 2D and try to accept the ugliness. I will check the 3D path for now and see what I can and can’t come up with.