Gosh darnit..

This post will contain mostly unsatisfying rambling from my part, because the truth to this story is - there has been no progress on Neox this past week. I have not lost the will, just not had the time (read: but the flesh is weak).

I have lots of reasons to why progress has halted for a while, but I’ll spare you my feeble excuses, by now you’d want my blood, punishment and torture! You’d be calling the hounds engulfed in hell’s fire to slash my bowels op—

Right! So anyway..

A Short About Neox

The space wizard Neox is a brilliant wizard. His smile is known throughout the universe to have caused a series of stars to implode. He is a master of the universe, he controls flame and ice, earth and sky! As long as he has his precious book “The Art of Magic” which is a holy relic he acquired during one of his most marvellous adventures. He wouldn’t be much without it, actually, he’d be quite mediocre. Having an intellect larger than the combined brain-power of 2′492 Zwilian moles has been a constant burden to his social side - which could do well with a miraculous improvement. Being omnipotent has its downsides, and thus rewarded him with no friends but an entourage of fans and other kinds of crazy.

The story will start off with Neox alone, because that’s how he leads his life. It’s both by choice and consequence, because he is fairly smart and trusting the people of the universe is something he has learned not to do.

The idea of the game is to be rather cliche and put some details and changes into it that suits my vision of a better game. Trying to rectify all those “they could have done this in another way” in other games - and ultimately I know there’s going to be those kinds of thoughts about Neox both from myself and others because you can’t please everyone and I will have to skip some wild and fun ideas or downsize them.

This post will remain short and just a bit informative, but I really hope to get more done on Neox soon, I might even start now after this post - but the next week at work is going to be the start of a large project.

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