On Edge

I won’t go into really deep detail here about the workings of what’s called Edge in Neox. I’m pretty sure I covered the basics in an earlier post but I’ll recap a short version of it. Edge is a way of keeping track of who has the upperhand in the battle and by how much. If the sword is far to the left - the player has the advantage, if it on the other hand is far to the right - the enemy has the advantage. The exact formula and what will be positive and negative Edge is by no means determined in the video I will post here, it’s just to show you how it looks in the battle system at the moment. It has no real implementation more than moving depending on what action you and the enemy take.

For a brief video of how Edge looks in its first stage of design, click the link below.

Video: Edge Demonstration

The platform implementation, how it affects the game from the platform perspective, is that when you get the jump on the enemy catching them off guard you’ll probably start the battle with the Edge at your advantage, being surprised by an enemy however will probably result in a disadvantagous Edge at start. Special mechanics in the game will manipulate Edge in favorable and non-favorable ways.

On other notes regarding Neox, I’ve been working a lot on rewriting some systems in the engine, the generic game menus are becoming more versatile and I struggle with the general design right now. Nothing is final this early in development, so it’s not going to take a lot of my time.

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2 Responses to “On Edge”

  1. ErayMan says:

    Wow, you’re fairly advanced in the game mecanics! I’m very impressed. The Edge idea is very good, it makes the old rpg battles concept seems fresh again hehe. And a sidescroller? Very interesting. Is there a demo we can try?

  2. Thank you for the kinds words and at the moment there’s no playable demo sadly. I believe there’s a lot of things to be done before I wish to produce a playable demo. I have already a few cutscenes and a beginning story in mind, but before that I need to start coding those systems. I’ve done a lot of work “in the middle” currently, so once I get going the battlesystem and platform world is already completed and ready for employment. Let’s hope the sidescrolling part of this RPG adds to the experience, but that’s what I hope to accomplish - since how the player handles the platform “mode” will affect battles.

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