Battlesystem Progress

The battlesystem has been recoded and now animations are alot easier to add and edit but there’s a lot of work to be done. In this video I’ve posted on youtube you can see Neox attacking with some sort of light-explosion, this was just to give his attacks some form of animation.

You can also check this video on youtube in High Quality or Low Quality.

Something slightly annoying about the recording is that after the mapeditor part it sort of forgets the parallax information and the background gets awfully boring, but I bet few actually notice this without being told, this is just because the mapeditor removes the parallax which I don’t want when editting. I’ll toggle this and have it behave properly later. The editor won’t be availible during anything but development anyway.

The battle dynamics have yet to be introduced here, right now Neox does anything from 0 to 9999 damage just to be able to kill off the enemies rather quick. Enemies attack obeying to the current rules of melee damage and damage reduction calculations but they are just made in haste and need a real version in the future.

I’ve been working on this same Testmap for ages now, I think I’ll work on aspects of the game that would allow a demo sooner than later. It’s a long road though, I need to make art again, and a start menu, possibly save/load and more game-design calls like where you get to save and not and so forth. I’m happy with this progress and it’s by no means any reason to slow down - full steam ahead and HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!

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