Neox Preview

Time for an update!

I’ve been busy coding actually, I haven’t been able to decide until now when I should write a post about the progress. I’m definitely behind comparing to Kael.

What have I accomplished lately?

I’ve been working a lot on making my editor work with any game/project I make that uses the same engine I use for Neox. Since the MapMaker was its own project I had a few statics that needed to be attented to, like an inputmanager and some other stuff. However, now all you need to do is:

Gamescreens.Add(new EditorScreen());

This, and telling it what map to load, will allow you to edit it, since it’s within the same system you don’t need to save because we’re manipulating the current map used for the PlayScreen, but ofcourse you’ll have to save it if you want it to load that way the next time. It’s a tool I will have a lot of use for, in order to make changes when I find a gameplay flaw, maybe something like a jump that you can’t make or some other error.

What more.. let’s see. I have worked a lot on the BattleSystem, eventhough it really doesn’t seem like much in the video I’m about to show. It can do a lot of things that I just haven’t used a lot yet. Things like adding different criteria to a selection such as “it has to be a Monster”, “sort after Highest HP” and it will sort and fetch you a list of the “best suited” targets in order. It’s easy to say “the spell Fireball can only target Enemies”, “the spell Heal can only target Friends” and so forth, and have the targetselection system behave itself.

I don’t actually know what to add more to this post, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work done that isn’t representable in code. I guess I should try to code one thing at a time for once. Anyway, on with the video!

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