Enter Chomper

#1 "Cheap Shot"

#1 Cheap Shot

I’ve actually done some progress today on Neox except for putting my time into making a strip. It’s not a guaranteed-to-come-back thing, I just like expanding the neoxverse through different aspects.
Work has continued on in different areas of Neox, but once in a while I try to lead my brain to work on the Battle-system. The reason why it hasn’t gone quick is simply because the lack of actual design - this is a weird seat for me. Usually I design a game, I’ll have 200 pages of well-documented parts of the game, and I put about 0.05% of that design into actual reality. Now I sort of dread the aspect of having to design my game, because things are moving on rather smoothly with no aimed sight.

Test Battle

Test Battle

I will start writing down some design soon though, don’t expect it to find its way up here though, I don’t want to spoil the game by “showing all my cool ideas” or even the bad ideas I’ll make. However, I will definitely in a broad sense write what Neox the Space Wizard will encompass.
Since he’s my new hero, I will tell you guys to check Kael out, his refreshing updates sure inspire us other gamemakers. Gruedorf is awesome, it’s a shame that we are so very few. Nice to see that Syn woke up and posted!
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3 Responses to “Enter Chomper”

  1. Syn says:

    Love your pixel art, especially the sleeping monster. I read up your blog and noticed the style of game design you are going is similar to Valkyrie Profile for PS2. You might want to check it out for ideas.

  2. Thanks for the kinds words, commenting in general and for the tip!

  3. Syn says:

    No prob, and I meant PS one, not 2.

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