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I’ve thought about how much I’ve been wanting to do an RPG while doing Neox and how much inexperience I have with making platform “battles” exciting and I’ve concluded that I will merge the two! So, in essence we’ll have a platform game with a more RPG-styled battle. In order to skip battles, you must evade the monsters in the platformesque gameworld, and if they catch you - you’re thrown into a classic RPG-battle with resistance depending on the kind of monster that caught you.

The good thing is that by training your timing and skills in the “platform”-world you’ll be able to skip battles that you don’t want to engage in instead of the oh-so-debated randomly-ocurring battles. Sort of why games like Lufia made me happy, where you can shoot an arrow at an enemy to paralyze it, thus skipping the battle or gain a surprise if you do decide to battle the monster out.

This element of choosing your battles will be more prominent in Neox, where you just might gain some form of helpful tool to skip battles, but ofcourse, levelling will be important in order to finish the game. The implementation of battles is easy, the only code in order to start this new battle segment was:

public class Battle : BaseGamescreen

That’s it..! Ofcourse I need to fill it with some of its own rendering instructions and update code. But adding screens is a good way of assuring that we don’t mess with other gamescreens - like the platform game. When you die, a Game Over screen is put into queue, so that we once again don’t have to throw in a lot of “if (dead) renderthis()” code in the Play Screen.

Here’s an early screenshot of the battle screen:

Early Battle Screen

Early Battle Screen

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